Our Programs
Our Programs
Over the years we have managed many programs such as Meals On Wheels, a programs established by the Club in 1958.
Also, Smart Start, a program to aid Year 12 school leavers with life informationfom how to register to vote, banking methods best suited to the individual. Area beautification work, junior golf clinic, scholorships, citizenship awards, books for babes, as well as catering for local groups, support for our local emergency service groups, hospital, the former Easter Art Show at Halls Gap, adult education in the area of health, Bowel Scan, to name just a few of the community based programs we have been and are involved in.
There is more! As well, there are many Rotary based programs, Youth Exchange, RYLA, Defying the Drift, RYPEN, National Youth Science Forum, Clean Drinking water in third world countries, Group Study Exchange, Literacy Programs, Eradication of Polio, we are committed to Probus, Organ Donor and a variety of Fundraising events to support all of the above.
But wait....Thers more!
Leadership seminars, training in Public Speaking, Administration, Specialised training for World Peace Scholars, Ambassadorial Scholars, and so many other fields of endeavour.
Listed above are just a few of the things that are available to all Rotarians, and just to add, there is great lifelong friendships and fun to have as well.
For more information, please contact our Club Secretary, Scotney on 0415 770 185.