Posted on Apr 14, 2018
Last year we sent an amazing young lady to The Defying The Drift program.
Here is what Rhylee Street had to say to us about her experience!


Last year we sent an amazing young lady to The Defying The Drift program.
Here is what Rhylee Street had to say to us about her experience!

Hi, I'm Rhylee
I live around 10 minutes out of Stawell on the way to Pomonal. I have a keen interest in horses and a love for the country.
From the 25th to the 27th September 2017, I attended Marcus Oldham College in Geelong, to take part in The Defying The Drift program.

Over the three days I spent there, I learnt key communication skills, public speaking techniques, and I learnt about the importance of Agriculture and the endless job opportunities I am faced with as a young person.

The fact Macus Oldham College offers Equine Management courses is what attracted me to this program. I was interested in seeing what else Marcus Oldham College had to offer and what courses were available. The endless opportunities in agriculture is what we mostly spent our time exploring.

Farming is not only providing food to the people, it comes down to every part we rely on to ensure product growth. Such as soil, weather and machinery. The passion of our farmers is what makes for good production.
Young people who are passionate about agriculture should be given all these opportunities that can be provided.
The Defying The Drift program is a wonderful way for young adults like me to find future career pathways, making goals, connections and developing key communication skills.

Not only did this open my eyes to career pathways, but I made new friendships with like minded people and also made connections that may influence me in the future decisions I make when entering the workforce.
I myself have taken a keen interest in horses, and basically anything to do with working with animals. I beleive that I was to work in the veterinary industry for example, I could make a strong contribution to agricultural businesses. To ensure the health of farmers livestock, such as providing medication, vaccinations, suppliments and technologies to help farmers strive. Health and quality of their stock is what every farmer wishes to acheive.

Bringing young people into this industry provides a wide range of new ideas, and can build a strong community for better farming. Working together we can improve farming and provide more jobs in a wider range.

Marcus Oldham College provides a good range of education such as Agribusiness, Agriculture (general farming), and Equine Management courses.
We listened to three students currently attending Marcus Oldham College and how they are finding their course and the thing that are involved. I enjoyed this as I found it good to hear from the students themselves, not just how the school rides itself.

Going on The Defying The Drift program, I was unsure on whether I was really going to benefit from it, as I did not have a huge passion for farming as I do for equine subjects.
However, I benefited greatly, as it was not just about agriculture and farming productions. I learnt new personal skills such as public speaking and communication skills. We were provided with information and ideas of how to present ourselves when applying for jobs. We were shown how to present ourselves in interview type situations and what was appropriate to wear in certain industries.

Wach and everyone of us was treated equally, and we were treated as we wished to be. Thiswas inclusive in our ground rules we set out in the first lesson at arriving at Marcus Olham College. We were able to make decisions for ourselves and were not treated like children in a teacher student style situation. We did wonderful activities that got us all involved and comfortable with one another. After all we were in the same boat from the beginning, not knowing each other, a bit nervous and away from home. By the end, they couldn't keep us quiet.

What I enjoyed most about this experience was being able to experience wahat it was like being away from home and living on campus. As the two nights we stayed, we spent in the college's student accomodation.
Ironically, the room I stayed in belonged to a girl completing Equine Management. I found myself looking through her timetable and scheduled events posted on her pin board. I was very interested in finding out more about Equine Management that Marcus Oldham College had to offer, however we mostly focused on agriculture.
I was intrigued in learning new things and enjoyed our visits to local farming business' on the Tuesday. I saw posssible jobs I could get into.

What I found most challenging, was being away from home and being was out of my comfort zone and around new people. I also found that the 5am start to my Tuesday morning was quite difficult to crawl out of bed into the cold to go on farm visits. I could've stayed snuggled in bed warm for at least two more hours!
Overall I had a wonderfull time at Marcus Oldham College, it was a great learning curb and experience for me.
I beleive The Defying The Drift program is a great opportunity for young people to be involved with, learning new skills, seeing what is out there career wise and trying new things outside their comfort zone.

I would like to thank all of the organisers, Kimberley and Kaye for their close support and their help with getting me into this program, The Rotary Club of Stawell as a whole for your sponsorship, also the Rotary Club of Beaufort for organising the Defying The Drift program with Marcus Oldham College.
And, I would like to thank Marcus Oldham College for aving our 2017 group and providing great opportunities for young people.

If anyone would like further information about The Defying The Drift program, contact us at